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With offices in Santiago de Chile, Cygnus Chile provides consultancy services, implementation and support for Chile and Peru, relying on a client portfolio of great prestige such as KÜPFER, ABASTIBLE, EL MUNDO DEL VINO, CASA&IDEAS, SAMSONITE CHILE, CASA ROYAL, TOTAL CHILE, HEAD CHILE, WOM, NEUMAMÉRICA, TIENDA FLORES, SANCHEZ & SANCHEZ, amongst other first-rate local and multinational companies.

Cygnus Chile counts on a team of professionals experienced in logistic software, which profile reflects commitment with the results and goals posed by the clients. These key features allow Cygnus Chile to ensure not only the success of the project but also reliable quality and response time of the services provided. All of this contributes to an optimal return of investment.


The company develops a highly specialized, collaborative and integrating profile with all of its professionals, clients, suppliers, group affiliates and business partners, looking to prioritize efficiency and quality at all times, with a sustainable vision for business and long-term relationships.


Cygnus Chile manages its internal processes using high quality standards and apply the best practices in projects and processes based on Agile methodologies. It also shares the Cygnus Latin America´s knowledge base which is constantly being enriched thanks to the Cygnus Suite´s growing base settled in the whole region, composed by leading companies from multiple industries such as retail, food industry, logistic operators, oil, paper, gas and industrial products, amongst others. The previously mentioned features make Cygnus Chile the ideal option for middle-rank logistic operations with global-scale demands.




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