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Cygnus Suite is a last generation software solution which solves the most complex problems in the Supply Chain and optimizes its links such as replenishment, warehousing, transportation, distribution and sales, for integration scenarios with SAP R/3®, SAP S/4®,SAP Business One®, Oracle EBS®, Microsoft Dynamics® and multiple ERP in a wide range of industries.


Cygnus Suite provides a  controlled and smart operation incorporating world class cutting-edge technology, supported by  a regional staff specialized in systems as well as logistic and commercial processes, all within reach of your company.


Discover Cygnus Suite solutions and benefit from a safe and profitable investment.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

It provides full management of the Distribution Center or Warehouse, allowing to control, and optimize human and mechanical resources in an integrated way with SAP®, ORACLE EBS® and other ERP.

Logistic Operators (3PL)

It allows the 3PL to thoroughly control logistic and transportation activity executed for each client in a certain period of time or contract, and based on that information to be able to budget and bill your services with maximum accuracy and precision.

Reaplenishment (RP)

It automatically suggests when, how much and when to buy or replenish, whether it is for a Distribution Center or a sales point, which pretends to optimize the stock while maintaining the service level.

Transportation (TMS)

It allows to fully manage and plan the transportation, serving as a helpful solution for logistics planning and decision making.

Distribution (DLV)

It provides traceability and full control of the deliveries and returns executed by transport operators. It controls and registers on each client stop date, time, pictures, geolocation, and other details related to the operation.

Mobile Office (OM)

It’s a complete and powerful system for Sales Management. It provides the sales team with all the necessary resources to carry out customized sales for their clients helping them to make the right decision and to identify opportunities.


Cygnus Suite Solutions
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