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Paraguay has special importance to Cygnus Latin America since it has a solid team of local and regional professionals with experience in the needs of the logistic area as well as, in successful Cygnus Suite implementations in top companies, for example the implementation done in NUEVA AMERICANA’s Distribution Center, leader company in the department store area.


In this way, the expertise in local needs is combined with more than 20 years of experience in logistic and technological processes, and an increasing established base in the Mercosur and in the region, providing Cygnus Suite with differential traits which allows CYGNUS to guarantee successful projects with reliable quality and response time. This contribute to optimal return of investment for companies in Paraguay.


Cygnus Latin America’s work teams manage Cygnus Suite’s implementation projects using international standards such as Agile. These methods together with the knowledge base available to every Cygnus Consultant in the region, make for a completely different proposal for the paraguayan market.



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