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Add Ons are complements designed to operate with Cygnus WMS.

Voice Picking, Pick to Light (PTL), SAP B1® Connector, 3PL Portal.

They are implemented alongside Cygnus WMS to ensure and speed the implementation:

Hermes AC for integration with ERP y Athena RT for the flexible generation of customized reports.

Cygnus WMS´s own functionality was designed to solve specific and/or high-complexity operations.

E.g. KPI´s engine, Owner´s management, Multiorder Picking, Issuing of Dispatch Legal Documentation, Graphic Management of doors and docks, Value Added Services (VAS), Shifts Management, Synchronized Picking, Reslotting, Kits, Variable Weight Management.

Advanced functionalities


Add Ons

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  • Brochure Cygnus WMS

  • Video Cygnus WMS:

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Cygnus WMS manages its Distribution Center thoroughly allowing to control, optimize and manage space and stock as well as human and mechanical resources efficiently in an integrated way with SAP R/3®, SAP S/4®, SAP Business One®, Oracle EBS®, Microsoft Dynamics®, and other ERP.


  • Lot, due date serial number and variable weight  management.

  • A/B/C classification, substitute products, volumetry.

  • Owners control over the goods (multi-company).

  • Control of the state of the goods, quality control.

  • Multiproduct pallets.

  • Stock status reports, locations.

  • Productivity reports from HHRR, vehicles, processes.

  • Location optimization, route optimization on the DC.

  • Adjustable locations depending on the needs of the DC.

  • Assisted warehouse reorganization.

  • Control of human and mechanical resources in real time.

  • Receipts from production, suppliers, via ASN.

  • Refunds, cross docking.

  • Storage of the goods, combined movements.

  • Management of preparation priorities in an automatic and manual way.

  • Different picking methods.

  • Packaging, value added services.

  • Control of the truck load.

  • Cyclic and opportunistic inventories.


Some examples:

Cygnus WMS evaluates multiple rules and over 1.000 possible configuration parameters, providing a controlled and smart operation for your DC.

Advanced features

Distinguishing benefits of Cygnus WMS

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Graphic interface

  • New front end RF/HTML and traditional RF/telnet

  • Reports and views which can be adapted to each user.


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Management support

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System Integration

  • Predefined and adjustable management indicators (KPIs).

  • Complete traceability of the operation.

  • Athena RT reports tool.


  • Safe and fast Integration with SAP R/3®, SAP Business One®, Oracle EBS®, Microsoft Dynamics®, and other ERP, thanks to the Hermes AC tool provided with Cygnus.

  • Completely compatible with other Cygnus Suite solutions.


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ROI Optimization

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  • More than 120 implementations in the region.

  • References in leading companies from a variety of industries.


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Software Factory

  • Development using agile methods

  • Product Road Map: constantly incorporating functional and technological improvements.


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Constant Technological Innovation

  • High standard configuration settings: over 1000 settings.

  • Efficient Omnichannel Management.

  • Conveyors, WCS, Pick to Light, etc. Integration with the main automation systems. 

  • On-Premise and On-Cloud installation.

  • New RF/html 'front end'.


  • Reduction in administrative costs, complete pallet movements, inventory management costs, preparation mistakes, preparation costs.

  • ROI within 9 to 15 months (depending on the starting point).


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