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Solución Oficina Móvil
de CYGNUS Suite

CYGNUS OM is a complete and powerful system that optimizes and provides efficiency to Sales Management. It allows to have a stronger, more competitive sales team and according to the needs demanded by customers and the organization itself. It supports notebooks and tablets.

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Cygnus OM, Mobile Office Solution of Cygnus Suite is a complete and powerful system for Sales Management which works in an integrated manner with SAP® and other ERP.

It provides the sales team with all the necessary resources to carry out customized sales for their clients helping them to make the right decision and to identify opportunities.

Trough an user friendly interface, it provides all the relevant information that the company has on their clients, allowing to align the sales team´s goals with the ones proposed by the organization.



Cygnus OM


  • Optimization and efficiency in Sales Management.

  • It allows to count on a stronger and more competitive sales team, consistent with the client's and the organization’s needs.

  • User friendly interface.

  • Highly parameterizable product.

  • Corporations and big sales network oriented application.

  • Development with the highest corporate level of tools and standards.

  • Adapted to notebooks and tablets.

  • Standard integration with SAP® and other ERP, thanks to the incorporated tool (Hermes AC).

  • Day Activities: circuits, schedule, visits, daily report activities, schedule follow-up report, Order  upload , pick-up order upload , client's information, uploaded order´s view, uploaded pick-up order´s view, workflows, debtor's account report, mileage programs.

  • Analysis of orders: backorders, transactions and flow follow-up.

  • Performance and analysis information: client’s indicators, sales report, client's file, sales and follow-up goals, sales area coverage, debt evolution report, sales distribution report.

  • Activity of the Sales Representatives: view of the order´s entry, view of the pick-up order´s entry, workflows, schedule, daily activities report, schedule follow-up report.

  • Other functionalities: order’s templates, manual discounts per price, percentage.


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